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    Want a group NCG tutorial?

    "An Invitation to NCG" out this month I didn't want to start a new thread for this announcement, so I hope no one objects to I mentioning it here. "An Invitation to Noncommutative Geometry"" (MPI für Mathematik, Bonn) is scheduled to be out this...
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    Smolin Damour

    The audio-visual of the Smolin-Damour debate is up. Go" and click on one of blue icons.
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    #1 physics book in France

    Not related to the thread, but worth pointing out I believe. Connes and Marcolli are currently working on a monograph "Noncommutative Geometry, Quantum Fields and Motives", a preliminary version of which can be downloaded [PLAIN]""[/URL]. Connes' warning...
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    #1 physics book in France

    I managed to get a pdf copy of Connes' preface from the French editors (Dunod, Paris) just after the book came out. Nothing new there...
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    Zwiebach's string theory book

    Whoops! Yes, George is right! I made the mistake of thinking in terms of the 2 identifications x\simx+2\pi R and y\simy+2\pi R, that is (x,y)\sim(x+2\pi R,y), (x,y)\sim(x,y+2\pi R), which, as I came to realise, is discussed on page 31.
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    Zwiebach's string theory book

    No, I think it is T^2.
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    Dantas is missing

    It is very sad to see Christine abandoning the blogosphere after one year of hard work with the blog. I think I understand how she feels to some extent, because I myself could not tolerate all the mess that has been around on blogs. I have been thinking about this whole new blogging phenomenon...
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    Brian Greene's NYT op-ed

    Via". Let me comment to some extent. Greene is very likely referring to the two books (Woit's "Not Even Wrong" and Smolin's "The Trouble with Physics", and ensuing newspaper/magazine articles that appeared recently...
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    As if summoned from the void (nitin's new blog)

    Have a go now r b-j ; )
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    As if summoned from the void (nitin's new blog)

    Hi Marcus Thank you for mentioning my indeed very new blog here! I'm glad you find it good, because I was, and still am, not sure whether it will become something of interest. I am a bit busier than normal these days, but I will make every possible effort to put up what could be interesting...
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    Smolin and Woit #1 and #2 bestsellers

    This bookselling phenomenon at is particularly interesting for a nonfiction book which hasn't yet made it to the stores' bookshelves. I am not sure how the Amazon ranking works, and to what extent this ranking correlates with those of other bookstores (I would guess there would be a...
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    The graviton pisses me off. . . .

    Self-Adjoint: I must say that author is not explicit in the book which theory he is talking about. Anyway, thanks for your effort. I might grab Polchinski (or Zwiebach?) and check. I know that the graviton was already part of the theory before supersymmetry was included in the picture. Anyway...
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    The graviton pisses me off. . . .

    String theory graviton I am currently reading Prof.""). A few pages ago, I read something which still confuses me. I have read, and understood, on several occasions and at several locations on the web that, even if supersymmetry does not show up...
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    Zwiebach's string theory book

    Maverick Have a look at" [Broken]). I believe Cambridge University Press will not start producing a low-price edition of the book unless they start getting a significant number of orders from people in India (or elsewhere in the developing...
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    4 11 26 dimensions?

    Dimitri has got it, nice and simple.:approve: Still, one has to answer "why", which would take one into pages of algebra here. :redface: