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    Ternary Operations outside of coding?

    I use the ternary operation in web development all the time, eg: x = y > z ? a : b Which reads, if x > y then a, otherwise b I realize that it is just a shorthand for if...else statements, but even still, are there any mathematical properties associated with it? I know inequalities have...
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    Lance Armstrong won't fight doping charges; loses titles

    It would be impossible, literally impossible, for the human body to train as hard and as long as the top tier athletes do, to include Armstrong, in any sport without some sort of performance enhancement. Fact. Your body can only process so many nutrients per hour and your muscles can recover...
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    Socializing Mathematics?

    First, a definition of what I mean by socializing Mathematics A platform whereby people can either learn, teach, or advance Math/Physics/etc. either as individuals or groups by directly using, modifying, or expanding others work under the same platform. Think MIT OpenCourseWare meets...
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    Why html data has to be send to a different server to process?

    When I ask this, I'm not being smart...I'm legitimately curious. What do pointers have to do with anything? As for the Facebook example, I was merely pointing out that C++ is useable. Your posts made it seem as though C++ is dangerous, or as you say "unsafe", which it isn't. People use...
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    Why html data has to be send to a different server to process?

    @Avichal: I always have a hard time explaining what CGI is. It's not actually a program, but a set of rules...a standard. CGI scripts (typically coded in Perl, but can be coded in C/C++, Unix Shell scripts, etc) are used to interface the browser with the server, but in a very specific way. Best...
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    Why html data has to be send to a different server to process?

    I hate to say this, but pretty much everything you said is false. PHP is a framework, for one. Also, interestingly, PHP is written in C and can be extended with C or C++ Facebook is for the most part built in C++. In fact, you can fiddle with some of...
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    Iteration, recursion, optimization,

    In JavaScript, "var" defines a local variable. Even in other languages, all you would have to do is define local variables - I don't know how this would involve "ugly" re-writing. It might actually even be less code if your language is weakly typed or automatically variables as local. I'm a...
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    Do women really look at a man's shoes?

    Hahaha I would say they were by the door so I just put them on, but I doubt anyone would believe that (it's true, I swear :P )
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    Iteration, recursion, optimization,

    Here's a working example in JavaScript (because you can see it online): I'm completely self-taught, so I couldn't say how they teach it at school. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be teaching you recursion in this way however. I think you're overcomplicating it. For...
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    Iteration, recursion, optimization,

    Yes, but if I saw that no-loop solution in the wild I would most likely vomit. If I remember it was still longer than the 1 loop solution, and slower anyways because you were dealing with maps - although it was most certainly a unique solution! I don't know what this pattern is called...
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    Interested with computers

    As others have said, it totally depends on what you're interested in. Khan Academy has a great beginner programming series created by John Resig - he's sort of a big deal. After you work through that series you should have the basic foundation to pick up another language, like JavaScript or C...
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    Engineering Engineering job vs. school

    Ouch, I feel you brotha. I deployed as a System Administrator and ended up being the go-to guy who fixed anything that ran on electricity and had to McGiver things together. It was very stressful because I really didn't know what I was doing (hell I was just a system admin) and made many...
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    Calculators Online Calculator List

    These are a few other free HTML5 calculators: Graphing Calculators: (2D) FooPlot: (2D) Graphr: (3D) GraphyCalc: Algebra: Algebra, Trig, Calc...
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    Do women really look at a man's shoes?

    @julcab12 lol interested, never thought about it like that. Last summer I went outside to get grab something out of my car wearing my roommates pink flip flops with a flower on them. I figured I only have to walk ten feet down the hall, down three flights of stairs, and it's in the middle of...
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    Global problems, how could I help?

    You could take a look at IndieGoGo or Kickstarter, which are "crowdfunding" sites where one person or team attempts to launch a project by getting support from generous people like yourself. Some projects are for specific causes (disaster relief, 3rd world education, inexpensive energy), some...