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    Does anyone have any experience with this synthetic paper made by Decro?

    Is this what's sold as 'tyvek'? If so, you can get a few sheets from ebay for pennies (eg wristbands, envelopes, overalls) and do your tests on those?
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    Backing material for a one-shot mold?

    How about a 2-part firm silicone? It's used in dentristry, is pretty inexpensive if you hunt around, and gives you a few minutes of very soft pliability (warm plasticine) before setting to the firmness of a shoe sole in under 10 mins. It'll provide 1-time support and slip off a treat when...
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    How is sequential firing in electronics achieved?

    For simple systems, a timer/clock pulse is generated (eg by an NE555 chip) then fed into a counter chip which will count up in binary (so for each pulse the counter will increment in binary - 0000, 0001, 0010, 0011, 0100 etc). Those binary states can then be combined via digital gates...
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    Motor voltage higher than battery voltage

    It'll probably just run slow
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    Project Engineering Software

    I know this is a bit of a necro, but someone may find it useful one day MSProject is the easiest to pick up and actually has a very decent resource levelling algorithm for the price - better than some more expensive packages
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    Equations on a Mausoleum

    Perhaps he was a pretentious fool, or a deluded nutcase?
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    Power of the Pendulum - Proof of Ultra-Efficiency?

    My thoughts - a swinging pendulum makes the stand unstable, meaning when it is in partial tilt there is only a fraction of the friction with the table. Pretty terribly designed experiment.
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    Model Rocket Blast off @ 100,000'

    You may find the LOHAN (Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator is the painful backronym) project interesting (search dot theregister dot co dot uk/?q=lohan) - basically a rocket on a balloon experimental project running on enthusiasm and beer, all a bit tongue in cheek but with some interesting...
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    What it takes to be an engineer?

    Engineers are generally quite open, and not likely to guard their knowledge selfishly. Uni teaches you some principles, some ideas, gives you some starting credibility, but no useful experience. You get experience by doing stuff, and you get to do stuff by working with other engineers and...
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    Difference between positive and negative flow in wires

    The current in the whole circuit will be determined by the overall resistance
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    Help with the Project

    Pipe the pulsed output into cascade of three BCD Counters (eg 4510) and the output of the BCD Counters to the three 7-seg displays via 7-seg decoders (eg 4511) As for the start/stop - the hint word to search for is 'flip flop'
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    What is Empowered Water ?

    'Eau-X' doesn't half read like 'hoax'
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    How bulbs and globes are vacuumed and sealed?

    Think it through! (Hint, the process of sealing makes it impossible for air to get in or out...)