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    Falling Ladder

    you mean can a ladder fall from such a height and be expected to land in the ground? i dont think so.
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    What exactly perspective is?

    the reason why things look bigger as you get closer is simple and it's just down to geometry. the angle an object subtends to your eye tells you how much of your vision it takes up (not sure why the inverse square law was being mentioned) the angle subtended can be found with simple, rough...
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    Differentiate the given function using implicit.

    youve answered the question - youve differentiated what you were given. if you want to find dy/dx explicitly, you can try factorizing to get there.
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    E=m*c 2 or

    edit: oops, ignore this
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    Angular tilt from a x/y angles

    would you care to mark on the angles/lengths you know on a diagram? im really not able to follow a description that well.
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    What is energy?

    haha your example is hilarious :rofl: i thought you handled it extremely well when somebody trying to be philosophical called you pedantic. you are much more patient than me! :tongue:
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    Combining Magnetic fields together

    a magnetic field is basically a vector field. every point has a vector associated with it which tells you what force the field exerts on the particle and the direction of this force. you want to know what happens when you add vector fields - im sure you know what happens when you add vectors...
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    Angular tilt from a x/y angles

    im not really clear on what you mean? [PLAIN] [Broken] you mean moving from one red point to another? could you tell us all the information you know? i expect you can do this question either with geometry or energy
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    Black Holes : Zero Volume, Infinite Density

    well, black holes dont have zero volume. google the schwarzchild radius.
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    Is the speed of sound relative?

    what are you talking about? if you move towards a source of sound at speed v, the speed of the sound waves relative to you is (340+v)m/s contrast this with light where if you move towards a torch with velocity v, the speed of the light waves relative to you is c m/s, the speed of light. the...
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    Aircraft propulsion technology

    have you seen newton's second law written in the form f=d(mv)/dt ? edit: oops, dead thread..
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    Is the speed of sound relative?

    not at all, the argument itself is banned. you would be told off if you posted a tonne of scientific journals supporting global warming. also opinions cant be proven and QED is a pretty ridiculous thing to say there.
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    Is the speed of sound relative?

    speed of sound depends on the density means its related to the density. the OP asked if the speed of sound was relative ie relative to the motion of the observer
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    Is the speed of sound relative?

    thats not what the OP asked. youre explaining why the speed of sound is related to density. PS banned topic of discussion
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    Math Question

    interesting - a very similar question came up in a 1st year cambridge physics paper (")