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    Low-Frequency Differentiator (need help with the calculus)

    Yes I am trying to gain the magnitude of Vo for a given sinusoidal Vin. This is where I am stuck. I will do some research on Laplace.
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    Low-Frequency Differentiator (need help with the calculus)

    Yes here is the circuit diagram for the problem. The circuit portion itself is not an issue I believe. Is it possible to solve that above equation using Vi=0.5Vpk with just calculus? Ignoring the circuit itself.
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    Low-Frequency Differentiator (need help with the calculus)

    Homework Statement This is a low-frequency differentiator circuit. Vo(t) = -0.001*[dVi(t)/dt] Vi=0.5Vpk Frequency at 1kHz I am confused on how to apply calculus to this. My calculus is a little rusty but I am not use to seeing it in this applied forum. I only did calculus when it was in...
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    System of Equations (Matrices)

    A jar contains nickels, dimes and quarters. There are 1469 coins in the jar totaling $191.25. Assuming that the number of dimes is exactly twice that of the number of nickels, how many (each) nickels, dimes and quarters are there in the jar? We were suppose to be using matrices to solve this...
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    Power problem over time using calculus

    Ok so I realized the first thing I did wrong was not find the true area of the triangle I made. A = B*H*1/2. When I do this, I actually discovered that I did get the correct Joules value. Something tells me that I should be using calculus to solve this problem though. A = 10800 * 1000W *...
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    Power problem over time using calculus

    A certain load is characterized by an instantaneous power that increases linearly from zero to 1 kW over a 3-hour period. Determine the total energy in (a) kWh and (b) joules. p(t) = [dw(t)] / dt W = F p(t)dt T2 is upper limit, T1 is lower limit. One of my problems is my calculus is...
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    Engineering Life as a Physicist or Engineer

    There is a program that some universities are getting into it; it is called mechatronics. It is a cross between electrical and mechanical engineering. I think it is mostly designed for robotics.
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    Engineering Electrical Engineer vs Electrical Engineer Technologist

    Ok I know there will be a life long battle between EE's and EET's. This thread is not about the Pros and Cons of the two programs. I am well aware of what each program has to offer and how they differ academically. I understand there will always be some people who look down on EET's. I...
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    Thevenines, how to find Rth

    In a circuit with other components, you can just take the batteries out and put a jumper wire where the batteries were. Mathematically they just want you to bypass the batteries so they no longer have a effect on the circuit. Of course this is only for finding Rthevenin.
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    Need help locating a project box with breadboard

    I did some quick searches and couldn't find what I was looking for. I found plenty of project boxes, but I didn't find any project boxes with a breadboard combination for sale. I just need to make a circuit inside of a box using capacitors or inductors. Very simple but it has to look...
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    EE questions

    I am currently in industry working fulltime but I am completing my EE. I am considered an electrical designer hopefully untill I graduate. My company has hinted on just promoting me to an Engineer before I even graduate as long as I finish. Anyways; be prepared for tons of math...
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    Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Best thing to do is start networking ASAP. Start looking into internships for your senior year. All it takes is one internship and someone to notice you. This is why I am doing EE. So much easier to get a job with a engineering degree. There is always academics.
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    Schools College Grades Dropping - What's Going on?

    I agree with the above poster, it looks like your trying to discover a new theory on why you made a bad grade. lol. First off; forget about your "A" classes. Pat yourself on the back but that was then, this is now. Just because you made an A in english composition I, doesn't guarantee you...
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    I live in my moms basement

    Get over yourself dude. Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me... "wahh..wahhh...I didn't get my degree ASAP....wahhh..wahhh I am too old now!" One day you will wake up and smell the coffee. It ain't about age, it's about determination. I'm not going to baby you; I am going to tell...
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    Which branch of Engineering Technology?

    Sounds like you made up your mind buddy! You love ingredients/compounds/medicines. If you were to play a game such a Skyrim you would probably specialize in potion making :) Pick Chemical Engineering Tech! See how deep down you want to go! Even if you switch majors later down the...