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    Mathematics of this optical illusion

    what the hell are you talking about? if the parts are the same then why couldn't it contain a space of nothing. It doesn't make its volume of substance(color) change, just the volume of its form. it is the form that expands not what's in it. same thing with everything. it's not an illusion...
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    Earth's Gravity

    how about this solution: [link deleted]
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    Any Zen out there?

    I agree with this. I believe however that the argument is simply a matter of semantics. I've read Eckhart Tolles book and I think it is quite good. Tolle uses the word NOW in terms of the nothingness that everything is happening in. He doesn't mean that only the present moment counts, he means...
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    Why is 1 not considered a prime number?

    stick to it guys. the problem of duality will show up sooner or later. primes are very important.
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    Any Zen out there?

    Fritjof Capra - The Tao of Physics is a classic, and the Amazon collection seems to flood with books trying to integrate physics with the esoteric teachings of mysticism, religion and the rational of western and eastern philosophy. I even think there are models around based on Bell's theorem...
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    Why is 1 not considered a prime number?

    I don't see how it makes the theorem untrue... if you need a certain definition of primes for some theorem to work, which I don't see why in this case, then change the rule to make an exception for number 1. I think it is more important to see the number 1 for what it is rather then to hold on...
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    Any Zen out there?

    If you want to know about Zen I warmly recommend Alan Watts: Please man, how could observation on what is (which basically is what meditation is all about) encourage development of false beliefs about reality? I'm more inclined to believe that such an endeavour...
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    Everybody is 100% selfish

    All individuals, human, plats, animal alike, surely seems to be environmentally and genetically conditioned to priorities concernes of ones own tribe or genepool. The combined conditioning is the _program_ that one is run by and its "selfish" output is a perfect representation for the logic of...
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    The Most Fertile Path of Human Evolution: Intellect or Feeling?

    If you by intelligence mean the rate of capability for rational thinking, I believe they are interconnected. One must value them both equally in order to get most out of any of them and I like to say that intelligence is what comes out of tweaking the harmony between the two. I like to picture...
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    Why is 1 not considered a prime number?

    arildo: because the characteristic that makes primes interesting is the fact that they are only devisable by themself and 1. The number 1 serves this condition so I see no need to exclude 1 from the definition of primes. In fact, one might get off on a bad start if one were to exclude 1 and...
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    Why is 1 not considered a prime number?

    I think it's kinda stupid not to see 1 as a prime.
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    Simple solution of FLT?

    The proof lies in understanding the connection between the prime 2 and 2nd orders of multitude. 2 being the only prime devisable by 2. I think it would be easier to see the connection using 3 dimensional models with movement in time related to phi - using base 6, as there's only 5 platonic...