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    News Elizabeth Warren elected, a crushing defeat for big banks?

    I think its a sad day when a moderate republican is replaced by an extreme left wing. We dont need more far left or far right in congress. We need more moderates. Easier to compromise with moderates than far left/right nut cases. Im appaulled most of this thread seems to think its a sucess and a...
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    News Should the church be taxed?

    Taxing the church? Are you guys for real? Lol.
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    News Fiscal cliff - could be worse Hasnt extended it yet.
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    News Don't want your kid learning about the evils of evolution? Move to Missouri!

    The arrogance of this forum astounds me. I'm done posting or frequenting here. Have a good day.
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    Sick of being underemployed!

    Don't go into physics. if you like the subject go into engineering, where you can feed yourself.
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    Programs Prior military thinking of physics/engineering degree

    As far aerospace Engineerjng goes, they probably design, test and maintain all things that have wind resistance. Like the aerodynamics of a car or a plan. Probably a lot I work on CAD. I'm prior military too doing electrical Engineering and the gi bill is great!! Good luck in yor future plans...
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    Did you take student loans?

    I am fortunate enough to serve my country and earn the gi bill. I will only have to pay out of pocket for about a year. The goal is not take any loans out so I'm gonna save for it. My girlfriend though has about 20k in student loan debt and has just graduated. Her parents has loans of their...
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    News Does libertarianism just shift tyranny from the government to individuals?

    I think we should leave it as it is. It has a built in updating mechanism in it. It's a flawless document with respect to the fact that it can evolve with society. Scrapping would result in rebellion. I don't know what the issue on the 2nd amendment is.
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    Fall schedule.

    The answer is yes. Thanks!
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    Fall schedule.

    Is Calc three, physics 2, digital logic and circuit analysis to much just starting at a new school? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
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    Linear Algebra is harder than Calculus

    He is insinuating that the videos are doing the work for him which can be interpreted as lacking effort...
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    News France to introduce 75% income tax rate on earnings above 1 million euros

    Like the half billion we wasted on sylandra? Or the countless others? Alternative Energy isn't as useful as it seems. It is the way of the future but in the far distant future. When you throw money at a problem, it doesn't fix it.
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    News France to introduce 75% income tax rate on earnings above 1 million euros

    I believe both lists are in fact worldwide. Foreigners being in the marketplace of Academia has more to do with "free market" capitalism than anything else. If their home countries had pristine universities, they would just stay there. They're great high schools in America, such as...
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    Linear Algebra is harder than Calculus

    He's trying to understand the problems, looking at lectures for even more understanding and is using his third LA book. I think he's putting in much more effort than you are giving him credit for...
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    News France to introduce 75% income tax rate on earnings above 1 million euros

    Well if we compare how a country allocates it's resources we can compare America to France. Economics is all about allocation of resources and whoever does the best job normally has the best economy. Even though our GDP growth is weak, we still have the most largest GDP in the world. So...