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    Levy-Desplanques Theorem

    Since for some i = M the assumption that det(A) = 0 already violates the definition of strictly diagonally dominant matrix — that requires the definition be true for all i — then there is no point in producing proofs for all other rows.
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    Understanding the abstract notion of an vector space

    Also, just as a side note, you can think of the angle definition as a result of the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality in inner product spaces.
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    Projecting 3D point to 2D / view-point

    There are two ways of viewing the projection. First, you view the projection on the 2D plane with respect to the standard basis of 3D space. That is the same coordinate system used by the row vectors in that n-by-3 matrix, X. Second, you view the projection with respect to the basis of that...
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    The null space

    You use the word "column" in your first claim. By column do you mean the column vector b of Ax = b or a column of matrix A? You ought to use standard terms here. If the book you're reading is using "column" for "column vector" and "steps" for "pivots", I suggest that you throw it away.
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    The null space

    I assume by steps you mean pivots. In this case I prefer the term "rank" i.e. rank = d. Solution for problem AX = b is X = X_p + X_n. Where, AX = A(X_p) + A(X_n) = b + 0 = b. X_p = particular solution X_n = solution of Ax = 0 ...... (n is not a number here, it is just a symbolic name)...
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    Extra material for a Mechatronics course?

    Yes, this course can be very stressful if the course is project oriented. Just as you said, you need to put your mind to this as best as you can. As I recall, balancing my robotic work with other assignments from other courses was the worst nightmare in my Uni life. If you can, do not take this...
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    Extra material for a Mechatronics course?

    Sounds similar to what I've done a few years ago. My prof prepared essential components like programmer, microprocessor, Xbee(or similar antennas), minor electrical components, breadboard and sensors such as IR sensor, accelerometer or gyros, etc which my group had to purchase. You will likely...
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    Can anyone help me out for final year project

    How about programming a numerical solution approach for solving Reynolds equation?
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    Math used in engineering

    From personal experience, calculus is what you need to describe a system. However, to control and/or monitor the system, algebra is usually the tool that make use of the calculus. So both calculus and algebra are quite important. Also, discrete mathematics and statistics are very important...
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    Static vs. dynamic acceleration with accelerometers

    Tilting of course produces acceleration on x y z axes from Physics point of view. Did you accelerate the sensor when you were moving it laterally (in a straight line)? Are you sure what you have is MMA7361L? With the way you described it, I'm thinking maybe what you have is a gyro??
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    Extra material for a Mechatronics course?

    You're not giving any detail at all. There are lots and lots of courses that are related to Mechatronics. So, I suggest that you give info like the course outline or topics that are covered over the study period of that course. Only then I can give you advice.
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    Robotics Project for a beginner

    Just a few thoughts based on personal experience being a Mechatronics graduate myself. Many beginners are attracted to robots because maybe they happen to have witnessed or seen a working robot moving about, doing things as commanded or that are designed to do. Then, they decide to study...