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    Undergraduate or Graduate Quantum Mechanics?

    The mathematics is not anywhere near the important part of QM. New concepts and knowing when to do what is what is important. Do you remember the first time you were introduced to linear algebra? None of the mathematics involved is very hard, but you still need to know *what* to do, not just...
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    I enjoy physics but dislike the labs

    Theoretical or computational physics. A couple things here... In first year you have to take physics with everyone else in science. This means you'll be with people that don't actually care about it, they are just required to take it. Also everyone is disorganized in first year. It's...
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    I want to make up for the time i wasted

    I see you're in Canada, so am I. One of my profs has his PhD in physics (solid state, batteries mostly) and worked for a number of years in industry as an engineer. Clearly he wasn't allowed to sign off on any designs and so he wasn't legally responsible for the work, only the P.Eng. that...
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    Programs Things math majors should know

    Same at my uni, but that's because it's set up as an, "Oh ****! I ****ed up and don't want a 'withdraw' or, worse, 'not complete/fail' on my transcript" for students. School's like this are playing pretty fast and loose with the term 'audit'. That said, even if your school charges to...
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    Programs Majoring in Engineering what is the sacrifice like?

    Even if it was true you had to sacrifice your social life and all that... You're only in university (undergrad anyways) for 4-5 years of your life. It's not that long. Making decisions with life-long consequences based on 'not having a social life' for a couple years is just a horrible idea...
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    Programs Double Major vs Major & Double Minor

    Damn straight. My life got a lot happier once I threw the math minor out to focus on physics. I still take the math courses that interest me, but I'm not having to go out of the way to take the required second year courses.
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    Why am I struggling with Differential Equations?

    I struggled with ODEs just because I didn't spend enough time with it. I managed to make everything click in the end (about a day before the final and therefore salvage an ok grade) and it was one thing that helped: Make a flowchart for the different types of problems and their different...
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    Programs What difference will dropping a Physics major make?

    I think every one of my profs that's a theorist did their undergrad in math, and a couple did math/phys. One of my profs regularly ribs us 'just' physics majors because he's of the opinion that the proper way to learn physics is to do a math degree in undergrad and then worry about learning...
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    Courses 3 Science Courses/W Lab Too much in one Semester?

    Look at course load by credit. Each credit means you'll be spending roughly one hour in lecture and two on homework and studying per week. So if you're taking 15 credits, expect to spend around 45 hours total on schoolwork per week. More or less depending on numerous variables, but that's...
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    Summer getting too hard for you? Post your Fall Schedule to cool down!

    Intermediate Mechanics Introductory Thermodynamics Experimental Methods in Physics Calc III Ordinary Differential Equations
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    Is this schedule too much?

    Gauge your workload by credits. A rule of thumb is that for every credit you're taking, you should expect to spend three hours on school (including class time) per week. For example, if you're taking 15 credits, expect to spend 15 hours in lecture and 30 hours on studying and homework, so 45...
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    Schools General university question (canada)

    Schools in BC at least run on a three semester schedule, but most people only take classes in the Fall and Winter (sometimes called Spring) semesters. The summer semesters are usually only low level courses or, for whatever reason, arts courses. You'll be wanting the summer semesters to either...
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    Courses Which order to take math courses?

    You should probably talk to an advisor at your school. Generally only they will know which order/course combinations are recommended. For example, at my school, it's assumed that you'll be taking Calc I concurrently with Phys I despite calculus not being an explicit co-requisite.
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    Please, can you look over my appeal letter? (academic probation)

    Did you get 'about' two E's? Or two E's?
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    What are your feelings about long gaps between classes & waiting on campus

    Yea, that is a bit long. Two semesters ago on Mondays and Wednesdays I had three classes in a row ending at noon, and then another three hour class at 7:00pm. I was essentially on campus for 13 hours on those days. I had no shame at all in keeping a blanket and pillow in the trunk of my car...