What is Angels: Definition and 13 Discussions

An angel is a supernatural being in various religions. The theological study of angels is known as angelology.
Abrahamic religions often depict them as benevolent celestial intermediaries between God (or Heaven) and humanity. Other roles include protectors and guides for humans, and servants of God. Abrahamic religions describe angelic hierarchies, which vary by sect and religion. Some angels have specific names (such as Gabriel or Michael) or titles (such as seraph or archangel). Those expelled from Heaven are called fallen angels, distinct from the heavenly host.
Angels in art are usually shaped like humans of extraordinary beauty. They are often identified in Christian artwork with bird wings, halos, and divine light.

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  1. S

    Trying to find old story: radio waves = angels carrying messages

    I wonder if anyone could help me identify a short story I read back in the 1960s. It might have been in an old (1950s) copy of Astounding Science Fiction magazine. I think the story involved a sea journey but the main thing I recall is that that radio wave communications was interpreted as...
  2. dahoom102

    Getting the angular velocity using the angular acceleration graph

    The answer here is A What i did is getting the area as follows, 2×4×1/2 +3×-6×1/2 +4×-6 = -29 and then use this Δω=ωf-ωi -29=ωf-5 ωf=24 but there is no such choice.
  3. P

    How do you draw a pie chart?

    May anyone help me I really don get it. How do you draw a pie chart?
  4. Superman123

    Calculating Angle to Shoot Sword Over Wall for UT - 65 Characters

    Homework Statement UT has jumped over a wall and unfortunately for her, she forgot to bring her sword. Her friend SS decided to shoot the sword to her with a bow. He can bend a bow and arrow so that it gets a potential energy of 179 Nm. It seemed that Ut landed 9 meters behind the wall; a...
  5. S

    Hells Angels bikie in a Beijing Opera Concert

    Space is endless, I mean the 'real space' outside our universe. Our Universe is said to be about 13.7 billion years old but it is 150 billion years in Diameter. I don't want to get into all the specifics because it does my head in and truthfully I'm not that smart but if the big bang was to...
  6. A

    Antimatter Annihilation in Angels & Demons

    Hello, Last night I rented Angels & Demons and observed a number of physical flaws. I noticed that the explosion following the annihilation of the antimatter in the canister was not as intense as what I had expected, which may not be a flaw as I am merely a novice in the realm of physics...
  7. M

    Trigonometry - compound angels

    Homework Statement Evaluate http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/3383/msp588119g042f0f3ba0368.gif [Broken]without using calculator or tables. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have no ideas how tan37 and tan23 can be found... can anyone give me some hints? The answer...
  8. N

    Angels & Demons - The anti-matter bomb

    Hey, First off note, I did not see the movie yet (so please don't spoil any of it for me :p ), I am merely talking about the book. In the book Angels & Demons, a 'blob' of anti-matter is stolen and used as a bomb. The blob is very small (but still visible to the naked eye) and in the book it...
  9. DaveC426913

    Is the physics in Angels & Demons completely off the mark?

    I'm on page 100 (of 700) and I think I'm done with this book. (skip to the end* if you're only interested in the physics tie-in) The alarm bells started going off in my head when they zeroed in on the plot device in the form of a new component developed at CERN labs that, if in the wrong...
  10. Ivan Seeking

    50% of US believes in angels

  11. Math Jeans

    Emote Wars #2: Angels vs Devils

    It's time for the second installment of the heated up emote wars! This time its the Angels vs the Devils! The rules are the same as from the first emote wars! Let's get this fight started! This time the representation of dead is :eek...
  12. M

    Angels, lengths and confusion

    A probably very simple question, but at the moment I cannot find the sollution to it. :confused: take for example the tower of Pisa or any other tower about to fall over. The tower fell to the left and the platform on top now dips 10degrees. Someone measured the vertical height on the right...
  13. holly

    Calling All Angels: Questions on Gold, Buoyancy & More

    Okay, let me solidify something. I have thought on this until I am dizzy. Is it true that you just can't fake the density of a pure element? That if, for example, you have a 10 gram piece of what is supposed to be gold, pure gold, in a cube shape, could you not secretly adulterate it? Could...