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  1. A

    Are these “flaws of evolution”?

    There are several facts one wonders why evolution evolved some traits that look disadvantageous. The typical example that comes to mind is the appendix that has no function in our digestive system, and it can easily become infected. But several other aspects can be cited. Wisdom teeth in humans...
  2. Cantor080

    Other Utility of a general math book introducing subjects not in historical order?

    I have Abstract Algebra Course, and my teacher is using the book, "Abstract Algebra" of David S. Dummit, and Richard M.Foote. This book, and other books which my teachers are using for the courses, seem to give definitions, theorems, and problems, in no historical order or are not mentioning the...
  3. F

    B What is scientific and what is not?

    ---I am not sure in which section i should post this question , so if it is wrong section kindly move it to the proper section ---- I am really confused to draw a clear line between what is science and what is not . I know science has some characteristics which differentiates it from...
  4. Kitrak

    Why are Darwinian variations considered directional?

    I read that Darwinian mutations are considered as small and directional mutations. Why is that? Regardless of the type of mutation, a mutation (or a variation) is directionless- they are random. From what I understand, the direction is given to these variations through environmental and...