What is Graphical method: Definition and 12 Discussions

This is a list of graphical methods with a mathematical basis.
Included are diagram techniques, chart techniques, plot techniques, and other forms of visualization.
There is also a list of computer graphics and descriptive geometry topics.

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  1. Alexanddros81

    Particle Motion; Graphical Method

    Homework Statement A particle moves in a straight line with the acceleration shown in the figure. Knowing that it starts from the origin with ##v_0 = -14ft/s##, plot the v-t and x-t curves for 0 < t < 15 s and determine (a) the maximum value of the velocity of the particle, (b) the maximum...
  2. L

    I Can a Circular Function with Complex Variable Represent a 3D Graph?

    Does a circular function with complex variable represent a three-dimensional graph? For example cosiz
  3. TheChemist_

    Determining graphical set of solutions for complex numbers

    Homework Statement So we have been doing complex numbers for about 2 weeks and there is this one equation I just can't solve. It's about showing the set of solutions in graphical form (on "coordinate" system with the imaginary and the real axis). So here is the equation: Homework Equations...
  4. kelvin490

    MATLAB How to use a suitable color bar?

    I have a picture which shows the magnitude of some value in terms of color, like this one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yoh0n9cqftvrtlz/bar.jpg?dl=0 The higher the magnitude, the more it looks red. However there are only a few points at the edge has very high values and most of the points have...
  5. V

    Determination of Rydberg Constant via Graphical Method

    Homework Statement Not sure if this belongs in the 'Advanced' section so apologies if it does not. I am using a monochromator to measure spectrum lines from a rubidium lamp. From the data (wavelength of spectral lines plus transition number 'n') I am asked to use a graphical method to...
  6. M

    LP objective function with unknown parameters

    Hi All, I am struggling with minimization(maximization) problems which needs to be solved graphically but they have unknown parameter in objective function: For example: f = 2x_1 + \lambda x_2(min) for conditions: -x_1 + x_2 \leq 3 x_1 + 2x_2 \leq 12 3x_1 -x_2 \leq 15 x_i \geq 0 More than...
  7. N

    Graphical method to calculate power

    Homework Statement I have been asked to show a graphical, more accurate method to calculate power used when running up a flight of stairs. The method I have used previously is measuring the height of the stairs, recording my weight in Newtons, timing how long it takes to run from the bottom to...
  8. S

    Solving a Transcendental Equation Using a Numerical or Graphical Method

    Homework Statement I have this equation: y = 5(1 - e-x) and I need to find its root. Homework Equations I'm trying to go from Planck's blackbody formula to wien's displacement law by taking the derivative of Planck's blackbody formula with respect to wavelength and then setting it...
  9. C

    LP graphical method true/false Q

    Homework Statement Label each of the following statements as True or False, and then justify your answer based on the graphical method. In each case, give an example of an objective function that illustrates your answer. (a) If (3,3) produces a larger value of the objective function than...
  10. X

    Graphical method to find magnitude and direction

    Homework Statement The force vector FA has a magnitude of 90.0 Newtons and points due east. The force vector FB has a magnitude of 135 Newtons and points 75° north of east. Use the graphical method and find the magnitude and direction of (a) FA - FB (give the direction with respect to...
  11. T

    Vector addition using graphical method

    Hello, How do I use the graphical method of vector addition to determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant displacement? Just the steps on how to determine displacement vectors??
  12. S

    Vector 2B - Vector A (graphical method)

    Homework Statement Vector A is 4.00 units and 40* below x-axis. Vector B is 3.00 units and 25* below -x-axis. Use the graphical method (only ruler and protractor) to find Vector 2B - Vector A. I have to find the magnitude and direction. When I did it I got 8.5 and East, but I'm not sure...