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In an essay, article, or book, an introduction (also known as a prolegomenon) is a beginning section which states the purpose and goals of the following writing. This is generally followed by the body and conclusion.
The introduction typically describes the scope of the document and gives the brief explanation or summary of the document. It may also explain certain elements that are important to the essay if explanations are not part of the main text. The readers can have an idea about the following text before they actually start reading it.
ln technical writing, the introduction typically includes one or more standard subsections: abstract or summary, preface, acknowledgments, and foreword. Alternatively, the section labeled introduction itself may be a brief section found side-by-side with abstract, foreword, etc. (rather than containing them). In this case the set of sections that come before the body of the book are known as the front matter. When the book is divided into numbered chapters, by convention the introduction and any other front-matter sections are unnumbered and precede chapter 1.
Keeping the concept of the introduction the same, different documents have different styles to introduce the written text. For example, the introduction of a Functional Specification consists of information that the whole document is yet to explain. If a Userguide is written, the introduction is about the product. In a report, the introduction gives a summary about the report contents.

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  1. loganmonday23

    I'm Just Joining the Forum Today for the Very First Time!

    Hello, I'm Logan Monday, and today was the first time I've ever visited this forum website before. It seems like a great platform, and a very knowledgeable community, so I couldn't help, but join in with it myself. I love science in general, but I'm very passionate about Computer Science...
  2. Z

    I am Zeesan...

    Hello, I am Zeesan from Bangladesh . Being 19 Y/O , I am going to be admitted into Dhaka University , ( Most probably in Nuclear Engineering Department) . I was primarily interested in Physics, but I was afraid to get admitted into Pure physics department due to bad review, and little career...
  3. kirito

    a new member

    hi I am a new member of the site with passion for steam subjects excited to learn form the knowledge of others and improve my understanding
  4. Arif Jamal

    My name is Arif Jamal

    Hi my name is Arif Jamal. I am 23 years old. I am currently doing my bachelor's degree in geography from Varanasi. My aim is to learn physics. Because physics fascinate me very much. While looking up in the sky and nature I keep wondering about the natural phenomenon working behind every thing...
  5. Kyle8

    Hey, I'm Kyle.

    I guess I'm here in case I need to get questions answered and reddit fails me.
  6. tommcgtx

    Hello from WV

    My name is Tom. I'm a 50 year old student in an online Civil Engineering program at the University of North Dakota. I currently work as a Project Engineer at a land development firm. I started this degree around 10 years ago, and had to stop due to health reasons. I'm currently finishing up my...
  7. G

    New member here

    Hi everyone. I am a new member. I found this forum while surfing the internet for homework solutions and decided to register to strengthen my knowledge. Cheers!
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    I am currently a junior (soon to be senior) undergraduate physics major and decided to join the physics forums because I have already gotten a good amount of help and understanding just by perusing past conversations without an account, and because I know that physics is not a subject easily...
  9. S

    Hello members of PF!

    Hello, I am Derek. Physics has always interested me since childhood. How does the TV work? How the Ceiling Fan work? All these questions have always puzzled in my childhood. To seek these, I have wandered a lot which led me to the physics. Despite being a med student, the love for physics has...
  10. R

    New member here

    Hello everyone let me say hello. My name is Rodger, I am 67 yrs old and not very good at maths or physics so need a little help.
  11. Earthworm69

    Just joined - hello

    Just joined - hello. I already posted some stuff in other boards but I noticed that the mods want new users to introduce themselves first. Better late than never. I like a couple of topics that are pretty intertwined with physics, and I am taking a lot of physics and math classes, so its pretty...
  12. gmascorro

    Hello guys!

    Hello My name is Gerardo , Im from Texas, Im an Electro Mechanical Engineer. Saw this cool forum and I wanted to join. Please to meet all of you and lets be friends.
  13. kingamada

    Avid thinker of energy solutions

    Hello, fellow innovators and seekers of knowledge! I'm an avid thinker of energy solutions, constantly on the quest to unravel the mysteries of power in its purest forms. My journey is fueled by a boundless curiosity and a deep-seated belief in the potential of human ingenuity to forge paths...
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    Welcome Post

    Hi! My friends call me Mao and I am a new member here! Very pleased to know that a platform like this exists
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    I am a new member of the P.F!
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    hi im a new member :smile:
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    I am new to forum
  18. Akhum

    What Drives a Newcomer's Passion for Physics?

    "I'm excited to join this community and share my passion for physics. In this post, I'll provide a brief introduction to myself, my background in physics, and my areas of interest. I'll also include any relevant supporting material or experiences to enrich the discussion."
  19. janetjie

    Is Janet from China Welcomed Warmly in New Communities?

    Hello, I'm Janet from China. I'm new here. I'm glad to join this community.:smile:
  20. Deathz

    Can New Members Get Answers to All STEM Questions on This Forum?

    Hello, I'm new here. I hope someone can answer my questions. Happy to be here
  21. W

    Can Diamagnetism Explain Levitation?

    Hi my name is Will from PA hopefully I can get some thoughts about diamagnetism and other topics such as levitation.
  22. Laoki

    How Stressful Are Grad School Applications for High Energy Theory Students?

    Hi, I'm currently a second-year undergrad from the US perpetually stressed about grad apps. I'm interested in high energy theory and phenomenology.
  23. J

    How Can Amateur Scholars Enhance Their Learning Experience?

    Hi amateur scholar here learning new things Thanks for having me
  24. shmwot

    Is Switching Majors to Physics a Good Idea?

    Hey! I'm currently an undergrad student, gonna be switching majors/ starting fresh with physics next year(which is something I've always wanted to do) Also I'm turning 18 on may 12th this year wish me lol Glad to be here. Hoping to make really cool friends and contribute in a good bunch of...
  25. Ragnar OK

    Can an Arrow Shot by an Archer Hit a Flying Goose?

    An archer 🏹 shoots an arrow 💘 towards a flying goose 🪿, will it get hit 🎯🤔
  26. J

    Is Industrial Technology a Good Major for Future Careers?

    Hi everybody I am Jamal from Atlanta. I am currently a student at the faculty of Industrial Technology, it's my second year. I came across your forum several before when I was preparing for the exams and just decided that it would be a good idea to finally join it and become a full member. Nice...
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    This is phytech "Who makes things happen", Thank you for having me!

    This is me, "The phytech" a new addon to the forum. Hoping to explore and learn being amidst the lovely and wonderful experienced. Thank you for having me🌠 Cheers!
  28. nolawebdev

    Hello from South Louisiana

    Hello, all. I'm a former newspaper reporter turned SEO (well, until I was laid off last year). I'm currently spending my time working as a substitute teacher in a school parish near my home. I have degrees in marketing(BS) and journalism(MA) and have an active interest in electronics as a...
  29. lghizoni

    How Does Adiabatic Theory Explain Trapped Particle Radiation?

    Hello, My name is Leonardo Ghizoni. I'm originally from Brazil, but live in Denmark for 8 years now. I have a bachelor and master in Particle Physics, and work at DTU Space in Copenhagen as senior scientist and PA manager. In the science areas I am currently working with adiabatic theories of...
  30. l4teLearner

    How Can an IT Professional from Italy Dive Deeper into Mathematics and Physics?

    Hi everyone, IT professional from Italy, I have always been fascinated by maths and fundamental physics. Here to learn more about nature. Cheers
  31. M

    How Does a Math Forum Assist Beginners?

    Hi I am new member, I like to do math but I dont know everything so I hope forum will help me when I stuck!

    Don't know about threads, I just want to ask a Q

    what is the problem ? if want ask a Q alkl i get is enter some thread
  33. U

    Is Aether Real, and Why Does Newtonian Dynamics Fail at Light Speed?

    Thread: Why does Newtonian dynamics break down at the speed of light
  34. no_onepotter

    How Do 2D Materials with Defects Influence Solid State Research?

    Hi everyone. I am a new member from Turkey. And ı graduated from my masters degree. Now ı am applying doctorate programme in both Europa and Turkey. And my days are passing with prepareting appling documents. My field is solid state, especially 2D materials with defects.
  35. krob

    Is Kaila an Undergrad Who Can Help with Physics Concepts?

    Hi, nice to meet you guys! I am an undergrad at USC and though I am not a physics major I take many classes the follow the concepts of physics. I hope to be able to help you all if needed.
  36. J

    Is This Forum Right for Me?

    Hi, I'm new. I was referred here by someone in another forum
  37. A

    How Can a Beginner Excel in an Introductory Physics Class?

    hello! I'm currently in an Intro to physics class, and I'm not the most physically inclined. I look forward to learning from you all!
  38. Trazyn

    Is the Pastafarian Greeting Rooted in Earthly Origins?

    I stretch my tendrils to say hello.
  39. stay_hungery

    This is a introduction of a hungery man.

    I hope to discuss with everyone who is interested in physics here and improve together! I'am reading Callen's book now,welcome to talk about things in this book.
  40. CloudyStudent40

    Why Create an Account After Lurking on a Physics Forum?

    Long time lurker - but honestly I felt I use this often enough an account would be nice so I don't have to hope someone who's taken the class before me has already asked the questions I have. Currently in Phys II btw, might try to help out from time to time because I do love physics I feel I get...
  41. Kaita Kagami

    Perkenalan (Indonesian for introduction)

    Hello everyone My name is Kaita Kagami, you can call me Kai I am a student at a college in Indonesia that located in Yogyakarta and currently undergoing the second semester of the physics program My plan for college is doing some research in nuclear and also seeking the beauty of Mathematical...
  42. I

    How Does a Beginner in Physics Balance Work and Hobbies?

    Hi there My name is Stuart. I came here to look at the threads mostly and use the search bar on topics. I come from the United Kingdom. I have an interest in physics although very basic. I play guitar on the weekends and enjoy playing music. I work in retail security and enjoy catching...
  43. lauraB

    Medical Physicist needs an help!

    I was looking for some mcnp6.3 command instructions and I thought to tip my questions on internet. As my previous job taught to me, great people are always available on scientific forums for helping you! It's amazing!
  44. M

    Who Is the Newest Member of PF?

    Hi guys, look forward to being here
  45. Y

    How Do I Identify My Microscope's Make to Find Compatible Lenses?

    Hi everybody I'm new to the forum, I was looking for somewhere I can find out the make of a microscope hoping this could be the right place. I want to find out so I can hunt down objective lenses.
  46. frosty_wolf

    How Do A/L Studies Shape Student Experiences?

    Hi, I am studying for my A/Ls.