What is newcomer: Definition and 7 Discussions

Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Newcomer (April 28, 1827 – March 30, 1901) was an American railroad executive and bank president from Baltimore, Maryland.

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  1. P

    Introducing myself

    Hey everyone I'm new here. I have a BS in Soil Science and a minor in Hydrology. I've worked in government and academia and am currently a part of a start up. Just wondering, in everyone's opinion, is the moderating here heavy handed?
  2. bkarvandi

    Hello Everyone. My name is Babak Karvandi.

    I was born 1963 and received my bachelor degree in Physics which I found it very attractive subject.
  3. JurassicOwl

    Glad tidings from a newcomer

    Hello 👋 I'm a mature student in computer science and am deeply fascinated by astrophysics, an area I aspire to explore in postgraduate research. Currently, I dedicate my spare time to studying new theories in this field. Although I haven't published any findings due to limited access to...
  4. W

    How Does Wafaa Suleiman Impact Biology Education at UNRWA Schools in Lebanon?

    I am Wafaa Suleiman, Biology teacher....I teach at UNRWA schools in Lebanon
  5. BikGer2

    Exploring the Exciting World of Science: A High School Student's Perspective

    Hello everyone. Honored to become part of a forum like this.