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Stargazing 14mm reflector with a 900mm focal length

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    Here is a shot of the transit of venus as seen from Swansea, South Wales

    i used a 114mm reflector wiht a 900mm focal lenght with a Mylar solar filter.
    A universal t-mount fitter with a 20mm eye piece. mounted on the t mount was a Canon EOS 50E loaded with Fuji Superia XTRA ISO 200 film.

    The exposure was 1/45th second taken at 0600hr UT,obviously on the 8 June 2004.

    This was the first look i hade of the Transit, just after second contact, as it was a very cloudy day but i got lucky and managed to get 36 usable shots!

    I had only been attempting astrophotography for about 2 mponths when this was taken.

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    I thought i`d also sare the very first picture i`ve took. Apart from the croped image i`m very pleased with it

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    The latest attempt the Summer Triangle (for ref. Vega lower left ... taken on the 1/8/2005)

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    Astrophotography is very pretty :smile: and was wondering where I could find high resolution images that I could use as a background.
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    Sorry I missed this before...
    What kind of camera/mount did you use for that? I recently bought a nice upper-mid level digital camera with 10x zoom and a big lens (like F2.8 even at 10x zoom) and up to 15s manual exposure. I'm hoping for some wide-field shots like that, but summer weather in PA means I haven't had a clear night in months...
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    Thank you for the links.
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