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A paragraph about cosmology that made me laugh in the last 24 hrs

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    The Florentine astronomer Francesco Sizi argued in this manner why there could not be any satelites around Jupiter.

    There are seven windows in the head , two nostrils , two ears , two eyes and a mouth ; so in the heavens there are two favorable stars , two unpropitious , two luminaries , and Mercury alone undecided and indifferent. From which and many other similar phenomena of nature such as the seven metals ,etc., which it were tedious to enumerate, we gather that the number of planets is necessary seven . . . Beside , the jews and other ancient nations , as well as modern Europeans, have adopted the division of the week into seven days, and have named them from the seven planets : now if we increase the numberof planets ,this whole system falls to the ground . . . Moreover , the satelites of planets, are invisible to the naked eye and therefore can have no influence on the earth and therefore would be useless and therefore do not exist .

    I do not know how this man could use nearly infinite number of incorrect assumptions in such a short paragraph.really I find in it a good rest after being worn out by the too correct paragraphs writen by Einestien and Dirac.:tongue:
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    Hm.... what's the difference between his basic idea, and the current arguments that the universe has to be the way some people would like it to be, because of symmetry considerations? :devil:
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    yes all scientists are Francesco Sizi to some extent.:shy:
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