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A question about CP Violation.

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    Am I correct in my understanding that the standard model predicts that there should be more matter than antimatter in the universe, but not the dominant proportion that is observed? Is that the basic problem?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Thank you very much for your answer and welcome.
    Does the standard model predict this disparity because the interactions of the strong force are more statistically likely than those of the weak force?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Don't understand the question - which predicted disparity?
    Did you read the link?
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    No, at least one reason for the matter-antimatter imbalance is that certain reactions (weak decays) go at different rates than their anti- versions. As you said, the known instances of this are not sufficient in themselves to explain the large matter-antimatter imbalance.
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    Is that to say then that weak decays produce matter at a higher rate than anti matter or that there are weak decays and anti-weak decays?
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