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A question about notation:

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    Hello all,

    I have a very quick quesion:
    (This is not a HW question, its simply a notation question)

    I need to show for [itex]f,g \in K[x] [/itex] (where K is a field and K[x] is the set of polynomials) that
    [itex] deg(fg)=deg(f)+deg(g) [/itex] and [itex]deg(f+g) \leq max\left \{ deg(f),deg(g) \right \} [/itex]

    My question is: what does [itex]max\left \{ deg(f),deg(g) \right \} [/itex] mean? I know what deg(f) means, im wondering about the bracket notation i.e what does [itex]max\left \{ a,b \right \} [/itex] mean?

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    It means to select the item within the braces which has the maximum value.
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