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News Accused norway killer may land luxurious prison

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    This is a maximum security prison? I wouldn't mind living there.



    I'm having trouble copying from the site so just read and look at the pictures.

    Look at the pictures and captions.

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    Somebody has to explain the rift between how Norway treats crimes and how the USA treats them.

    An uninformed guess is that people in Norway don't hate the criminal but the crime itself. Thus they don't focus on making the criminals life like hell but making sure that the same thing doesn't happen again.
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    Norway doesn't have the gang violence we do. You should watch some of the American prison documentaries on Nat Geo. Those people are scary.
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    This was supposedly one of the 'arguments' for Breviks actions. To stop gangs and mafias from sprouting in Norway.
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    so is this a chicken-egg problem?
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    Other than "useless" philosophical arguments about what is evil and how to deal with evil, if it is "practical and working"* I don't have any problems with it.

    *different people will have different criteria for what's practical and working. Personally, I have following list of criteria:
    1) Financial burden of holding the prisoners and sending them back to the society, holding them indefinitely, or giving them death penalties
    2) Amount of positive productivity to the society gained from ex-prisoners
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    Oh, back to the death penalty then. Wheres that damn guillotine!
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    The axe felled last time in 1876, when our last execution in peacetime took place (of a well-known tramp who killed and robbed a farmer who offered him a ride in his cart).
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