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America History between 1877-1990. Need something science related.

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    So in my history class i am being asked to write an 5 page research paper on anything that has impacted American Society culturally, economocially, socially, etc.

    It can be on anything from baseball to jazz to the atomic bomb. It just has to have had a major impact on America between 1877 and 1990.

    I would like to do something physics related (since im planning on majoring in physics in college) but i dont know exactly how to specify my thesis. It cant just be on the evolution of physics over that time period because that's too broad, at the same time is has to have had a major impact on American Society.

    Any suggestions?
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    Well, if it were me, I would probably like to research the impact of Electronic Computers (like Colossus or ENIAC). Maybe the development of the transistor.
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    I am pretty sure there was this crazy German guy with whacky hair that did something with physics during that time period...
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    yes, i have already thought about the manhatten project. The problem is, we literally JUST wrote a position paper on "was the dropping of the atomic bomb justified" which went into detail about how the development of nuclear warfare impacted america.

    I would do something on relativity but that didn't really impact american culture and society. I mean even today the average american has no idea what the theory of relativity really means.
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    The space program was huge, and it especially impacted American society.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Electrical power
    Electric light
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    If I'm not mistaken um0123, I believe Saladsamurai was referring to someone else, namely Albert Einstein.
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    Bell Labs!
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    Also another important detial to this essay is not just what happened, but how it came to be. So for example instead of just "was the dropping of the atomic bomb justified" i would go into detail answering "how was the decision made" and such.

    How would i include that into an essay on Bell Labs for example (which btw is a great idea, considering i have a teacher that worked there for 15 years and i can interview him).
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    Well, what's the story you want to tell about Bell Labs? When you dive into its history, you'll find all sorts of factors at play for most every critical part of its history. You can get at the factors by asking "who, what, where, when, why, how?" Poke and prod at those factors and you should end up figuring out the angle you want to take for your spin on Bell Lab's history. By the way, that angle is your thesis.
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    what about josiah willard gibbs & vector analysis. maybe he didn't have the same significance for american society as the manhattan project or the moon landing but he did a lot for math
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    Sounds good, im definately putting bell labs on my list of considerations. Since the proposition isnt due till next friday i would love to get as many suggestions as you guys have. So keep 'em coming!

    Thank you.
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    DARPA (along the same lines as bell labs)
    Kodak and developments in photography (chemistry and optics)
    Microsoft/ shift from mainframes to PCs
    scientific agencies/funding: NSF, NIH, NASA, NOAA, DOE, etc.
    Biology, but the Scopes trial
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    or the role of nazis in the mass exodus from germany (& mostly to the US) in the 1930s & afterwards. IAS @ Princeton & the Courant Inst @ NYU, for example, were modelled after the Mathematics Institute @ Gottingen (iirc)
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    The only science related topic I can think of, not already mentioned, is the "Current Wars" between Edison and Westinghouse. Probably simply because it is something I found particularly interesting myself.
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    Or the role of Wernher von Braun and other "paperclips" in the Space Race after the war:

    Not saying they were evil monster (or noble angels, for that matter--the V2s were built with slave labour, that von Braun http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wernher_von_Braun#Slave_labour", don't use that as source reference if you pursue this line, but you can find plenty of histiography out there that'd be better) but a fascinating chapter from your nation's history (technological and otherwise).
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    Chi Meson

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    I second the suggestion of the LASER. Every disk player is itself proof, on so many levels, that what we know about the quantum model is correct.
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    I've like that too. Edison and Tesla

    light bulb--1879

    or the radio war ---Marconi and Tesla

    soda pop

    Henry Ford
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    Aside from his letter to Roosevelt, Einstein had little to do with the Manhattan Project.
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    The Laser is one of Bell Labs inventions. You wouldn't believe what came out of Bell Labs.

    This link shows just some of the discoveries http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Labs skip to Discoveries and developments

    But don't forget that since the lab was split the part that went to AT&T has a huge amount of invention also http://www.corp.att.com/attlabs/about/backgrounder.html go to An Unsurpassed Record of Achievement
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