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Angle of sun - maximizing sun exposure

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    I'm looking into putting a "roof" over my pool. I wish to ensure that the roof does not obstruct the sun.

    You heard me. I wish to build the opposite of a shade roof.

    The roof is intended to protect my pool from detritus falling from surrounding trees (no, cutting them down is not an option) of which there is a lot. But I want to maximize the sun's exposure on the pool. It's an above ground 14' round.

    If my calculations are correct, here at 43°N, the height of the sun at maximum will be 70°
    http://www.physicalgeography.net/fundamentals/6h.html (Table 6H-1, bottom of page).

    Is that at true South?

    No way. My roof would need to be .... 42 feet above ground at its Southern edge!
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    Yes, that's due south, but if the maximum angle is 70, then the angle required to minimize exposure should be somewhat less - perhaps 50 degrees...and you may want to rotate it 15 or 30 degrees west. Because:

    1. You'll be using the pool on other days besides June 21st.
    2. You'll be using the pool at other times besides noon....more often after than before.
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    No, I want to maximize exposure. Ideally, I do not want any part of the pool in shade at any time.

    Sorry, maybe I've misrepped the issue. It matters not what days or times the pool is in use, what matters is maximum expsoure time to provide maximum solar heating of the water.

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    So, no one on PF knows about angle of insolation and solar inclination? :sadface:
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