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News Anti-US leftist clinches Bolivia election

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    venezuela, argentina, uruguay, brazil, ecuador, (maybe) mexico, & now bolivia.... when is this going to happen in canada?! obviously not in the upcoming january election....
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    Don't worry about argentina, our president has nothing of leftist... he just says he is... he speaks like one, but he does the oposite..
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    What is your view on Chavez and Morales, Burnsys? Are they serious/genuine? I guess with Morales we will have to wait and see what happens. I have been following some of the developments in Venezuela but have not yet made up my mind about exactly what Chavez is all about... It's difficult to know from what one reads - I am sure you would have a better understanding of what is going on because you live in the region.
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    Well i would say that chavez is the most left leaning in the region (Not included castro, and the left Guerrillas in colombia) All other "Pseudo-Left" presidents came to power with a left, anti-us speech but once in power they showed they are just more puppets of us and european imperialism.. This is obvius when you hear their speches...
    In the times of elections they talk against the imf, against foreing corporations, against the war. but once in power they start talking about bringing foreing investments. about deregularizing markets, about new deals with the imf.
    they won the elections becouse people is tired of being manipulated by the us, they know what foreing corporations does and is tired of the imf.

    This are kind of waves that affect all latin america's countrys at once, it is just a proff that our goverments are all central controled... in the 70' we had dictatorships, in the 80' transitions to democracy, in the 90' "integration to the world" and a "Free market policies" now in the 2000 we have all "Pseudo-Left" presidents.

    i wonder what the next wave will be like.....
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    Thanks, Burnsys - I will continue to follow the politics in your region; very interesting stuff. People like Castro and Chavez give me hope:smile: Now all we need is ordinary people to rise en masse... It's going to happen :smile: :smile: :smile:
    EDIT: And I'll do my bit, whatever that is at the time (at the moment, it seems to be discussion) :-)
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    Morales is not 'Anti-US'. Of course, he opposes U.S. policies on coca in Bolivia, but he is open to cooperation regarding drug-trafficking. He seems like a toned down version of Chavez.
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    Chavez isn't anti-US either - nor is Castro, for that matter. They are against the exploitation of their natural resources and their people by international capital, no matter which imperialist power is involved; they are really anti-imperialist rather than anti-US.

    Chavez has gone to great lengths to assure the American people that he is not their enemy - for example, his recent offers to supply cheap fuel. If anyone is interested in watching a fairly accurate, unromanticised account of the Cuban revolution and getting an idea of what Castro stands for, get hold of the dvd 'Fidel and Che'. The plot of this movie on the whole matches historical accounts (eg. Jon Lee Anderson's 'Che Guevara') I have read.
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    Regardless of his policies, I just think it's awesome that an indigenous farmer that grew up in poverty can become president in Bolivia. When they say 'anyone can become president,' they actually mean it.
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    Excellent point, loseyourname... and hopefully this very background will guide Morales in making decisions that are good for the ordinary people rather than for big business.
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    Krushchev was illiterate untill he was 30.
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    Can you blame the people of Bolivia? I mean, Bec Tel has been raping their country for years and even made it illegal to collect rain water for drinking (Bec Tel owned the drinking water rights in the country).

    We should be happy for Bolivia to have finally gotten the political will to take back their nation.
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    Be careful all... The NSA is watching :-)
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    So much for Morales, who is no "leftist" after all, it seems (sigh)...:
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    isn't that how all the SA leaders are like?
  16. Jan 4, 2006 #15
    Chavez isn't.
  17. Jan 28, 2006 #16
    News update on Morales

    Well, here's a tick for Morales:

    A saying from 'down under': "Good on you, mate!" :smile:
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    And Bush was a cokehead moron ....hoooray ! We need more incompetents as world leaders !
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