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Archeology: Mammoth engravings in Florida

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    This can be related to a lot of specialities, but I guess the archeologic element is the most interesting.

    13,000-year-old Ice Age art - a mammoth carved in bone

    I asked my paleontologic friend if he could determine the bone and I wonder if the 13,000 years is a carbon date or a calibrated age. If a 14C date, it would calibrate to ~15,400 calendar years (INTCAL09), putting more and more question marks to the Clovis first hypothesis.
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    It is neither. It is an estimated age derived from the much earlier investigation at Vero Beach, and they do not expect they can date this bone because of its heavy mineralization.
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    Interesting. For comparison the youngest mammoth bones and remains from the North Sea which date before the last glacial maximum, i.c. around 30,000 years, are not mineralized (Fauna association III). No doubt that the mineralization process in Florida is different but 13ky seems a bit short still.

    Also an interesting study about the skills of the artists
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    Nilequeen was kind enough to share some information directly from the publication, Purdy et al, 2011; Earliest Art in the Americas: Incised Image of a Proboscidean on a Mineralized Extinct Animal Bone from Vero Beach Journal of Archaeological Science, 2 June 2011

    The main scope was a thorough hi tech forensic research to verify its authenticity, which it passed on all counts.

    About the age of 13 ky:

    There you go. no new information and no challenging of anything. On the contrary, unless the mentioned references falsify it, there is some evidence that the Mammut americanum survived the Younger Dryas transition, maybe well into the Holocene, as discussed in this thread. So theoretically it could be (much) younger. But the mineralization of the bone would oppose that.


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