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As Requested New (though old) Member Introduction

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    I'm a near-60 physician w/ some research interests at the periphery of my career (mostly a clinician). Since I enjoy looking at things through a mathematical lens, I occasionally stumble onto research possibilities that pique my interest. I've one such now, but it will take a little more currency in my DiffyQ knowledge than I have. So I'm working through an ODE text (Boyce/Prima, 10th Ed), after just completing a work-through of the most recent Thomas'. I'm looking forward to being able to beg for help, and maybe someday even contribute help!
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    Quantum Defect

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    Hello Larry! I have a pain in my ankle that won't go away.... ;)
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    OK, so first we have to check your HMO status ... :))

    (But seriously; I'm actually fine w/ discussing clinical stuff, as long as everybody involved recognizes that here I can't be considered a "really doctor" (in the words of one of my [now grown] daughters, circa kindergarden). Still, it is surprisingly difficult sometimes to get seemingly simple medical questions answered -- of course, they're not always simple -- and for my friends on- and off-line I consider that part of trying to pretend I'm a decent human to help tackle such questions. So I'm never bothered by someone asking. {Also, I should note I'm a internist. So, as the old medical joke goes, I know everything, but can do NOTHING. As opposed to a surgeon, who knows nothing, but can do EVERYTHING. <sigh>}

    And of course, that all may be WAY TMI for this arena!)
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