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ASME Useful Resource for Research?

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    I has occurred to me that when I go to research, I would first like to survey the research that has already been done in that particular area.

    Does anyone have any experience with ASME in this regard? Or possibly with other organizations?

    I use the databases that I have access to at school, but I thought maybe there were some others out there that are 'the standard'.

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    Like any large organization, the tough part is knowing where to look. ASME/SAE has some great information sources. Most notably are their trade journals like Journal of Turbomachinery, Journal of Heat Transfer (to name a couple) are really good sources.
    Like I mentioned, the problem is that there are so many out there it is tough to know what exists and where to look.

    I have also found AIAA a good source for research material. But that is really pretty specific to aerospace applications.
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