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Attempting a polyphasic sleep pattern

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    Polywhatawhosea? Polyphasic sleeping is when u break up your sleep into smaller sections throughout the day. You condition your body to naturally hit REM sleep right when u fall asleep so you get the restorative qualities of REM sleep yet you sleep only a fraction of what you would with one core sleep

    . I am attempting this schedule and for the first few days will be completely sleep deprived. I am looking for mindless activities that are not physically or mentally burdening but at the same time engaging and can help me get my mind off sleep. What I have so far is..

    Playing video games (but which ones?)o
    Putting coins in coin sleeves (i have at least 1000 coins)

    Let me know your ideas please!
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    So, why are you wanting to do this?
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    Taking derivatives of simple polynomials?
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    Look at the clock and find the prime factorization of the time every minute. See how long you can keep up.
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    Good question.
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    And that, is why I was skeptical about posting this on a physics forum. Any real help?
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    That's actually a good idea I misread it as a joke initially.
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    What you are attempting is not healthy.
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