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Writing: Input Wanted Baby care customs right after labor, Reasonable?

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    My Kepler Bb humanoids have very advanced medicine for their technological age. They are stone age but can put an IV in if the humanoid is loosing blood very fast(arterial bleed for example) or if the humanoid is loosing fluids and nutrients.

    So this means that they could probably care for a micropremie very well(nutrient IV in the arm, breathing tube with air pump connected to it, geothermal energy, lots of blankets), maybe even just as well as a full term or post term baby

    So their baby care customs start right at labor.

    Regardless of when the labor starts, there are usually at least 4 people that act as a team.
    Mom: This is obvious, she pushes to get the baby and the placenta out
    Dad: The dad is usually the one that holds the baby by the placenta until the umbilical cord stops pulsating
    Other male relative or doctor: Cuts the umbilical cord once it stops pulsating
    Other female relative or nurse: Brings the baby to mom after the umbilical cord is cut unless it is really premature

    Here is where the care starts to differ depending on when the mom went into labor:

    <table border: 1 px;>
    <th>Timing of Labor></th>
    <td>Nutrient IV</td>
    <td>Air pump connected to breathing tube</td>
    <td>Many more layers than typical newborn</td>
    <td>Very Premature</td>
    <td>Nutrient IV</td>
    <td>Can breathe on its own</td>
    <td>A few less layers than a micropremie</td>
    <td>Moderately Premature</td>
    <td>Breast pump connected to feeding tube</td>
    <td>Can breathe on its own</td>
    <td>A few more layers than typical newborn</td>
    <td>Mildly Premature</td>
    <td>Direct nursing</td>
    <td>Can breathe on its own</td>
    <td>1 more layer than typical newborn</td>
    <td>Full Term</td>
    <td>Direct nursing</td>
    <td>Can breathe on its own</td>
    <td>1 more layer than mom, usually</td>
    <td>Post Term</td>
    <td>Direct nursing</td>
    <td>Can breathe on its own</td>
    <td>Still usually 1 more layer than mom</td>
    As premature babies grow, they will go through stages that are exactly like these in the table. So a micropremie will eventually get to the point where it is like your typical newborn in terms of feeding, breathing, and warmth.

    Is what I have in the table here reasonable?


    There is a futuristic civilization on a nearby planet that can teleport things that they need including IVs and knitting patterns.

    Infection is not a worry with these babies because from birth they have a very strong immune system. I mean, if a full term baby can handle a venomous snakebite just as well as I can handle a spider bite because of naturally produced antivenom, and an adolescent can handle the worst and most malignant of viral infections(Viral TB is a virus that has a lot of other viruses in its family tree and just like TB here on earth, granulomas form to contain the virus but a few escape and spread to other organs and tissues including their blood cells), than infection shouldn't be a worry with even a micropremie.

    Plus, their pregnancy is longer. 9 Kepler months = 3.5 earth years. So if a Kepler Bb humanoid were on Earth, she would be pregnant for 3.5 years, longer than an elephant.

    With this long pregnancy, surfactant starts being produced early on in the second trimester instead of in the third trimester(and that is without drugs).
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    Vanadium 50

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    Your Kepler world is as a whole not reasonable.

    As I said a year ago:

    The four basic elements of a story are plot, characters, setting and theme. It's been a year and a half and you're still working on setting. Is that what you want to be doing? Furthermore, your questions here make it sound like you're writing a science textbook. Does your story require that much detail? And is anyone going to want to wade through a ton of textbook-like material to get to the story?
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