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Birds' eggs

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    Hi all, I am a member of a aviculture website and some of the members are currently involved in an egg exchange programme. One member sent eggs from Ireland to the USA, but on arrival the eggs had bubbles in them and seemed to be damaged inside. Some have come up solutions such as putting the eggs in a thermos flask, or in a jelly-like substance and they believe this would protect the eggs from whatever they need protected from at the high altitude. Anyone know of a device or way that the eggs could be sent overseas in a plane without been damaged internally?
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    You might need something that can resist pressure. Cylinders are good for that, especially for keeping high pressure though :/
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    Birds can use the internet??? :surprised
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    Thanks, Mattara. I think the flask option would be best, then.

    Mk... :tongue:
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    I may be wrong, but I don't believe a thermos flask comes with a "vacuum seal". Perhaps you might want to put something in your flask that will outgas at the right rate to maintain a small positive pressure.
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