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Bizarre theory-Could there be any truth in this?

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    Hey, first of all, I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place. I thought about posting in the philosophy thread, but I decided I'd rather have a more scientific answer to my question. Okay, this is probably going to sound really strange, but here it goes:

    For several years, I've heard whisperings of this theory, if you could even call it a theory. Every person I've heard it from says that it goes something like this:

    Everything that people think or create, in stories, movies, books, thoughts, etc,
    no matter how strange or bizarre, all become reality in some distant universe/world.

    I'm not sure if anybody else here has heard of this. Personally, I think it sounds pretty weird, but my question is this: could there be any scientific veracity in this theory at all?
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    This is in the wrong Forum.

    However, if there are an infinite number of 'worlds' in our universe, or an infinite number of universes, then you could argue that anything that is not actually impossible must occur somewhere, no matter how improbable it may be. In fact it must occur an infinite number of times in an infinite number of 'somewheres".

    Bizarre, but that's infinity for you......

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    You're probably thinking of the Many Worlds Interpretation - MWI of Quantum Mechanics. It's not to do with stories or movies, but an action taken in this universe would have a different action in a parallel universe, but even that is too simplistic an answer.

    And this is not the correct forum.
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    This is something that philosophers have known for a long time. Some great expositors include Plato, Liebniz, Hegel, Shopanhauer.
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    Although, even an infinite number of universes are not enough to insure the existence of anything that is possible. It would have to be sufficently infinite.
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    We cannot discuss anything on any rational fashion if it is based on nothing more than a "whispering". PF isn't in the business of gossips.

    Unless you are able to come up with a more concrete reference or description of what it is that you're trying to ask, then there's no way you can expect any kind of clear or accurate answer, because the starting point here (i.e. your question) is vague.

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    I believe that its very likely that the OP's question ultimately relates to the question of how we interpret quantum mechanics, so I'm moving it to the QM forum.
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