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BLACK/DARK-Holes/Matter/Energy? Linked?

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    After a quick and not fruitful Google Search I leave this question in better minds than my own.
    Q- Has there been any discussion linking the start of our Universe with a black hole?
    <Reason behind Question> I feel as if certain phenomenon seems quite similar to one another. A) star dies, implodes, becomes a black hole B) Big Bang occurs "out of nowhere" creates a Universe.

    Further, does the black hole consuming whatever matter in its wake account for the "Dark energy & Matter" that we have been able to detect? I picture; a star dies, and becomes a black hole, in turn, creating a Universe. Within the Universe, the Black hole pumps whatever matter it has consumed in to it.

    I see it being a very understandable process. Which also, to me, accounts for Inflation. The more the Black Hole consumes, the bigger it gets, which allows it to consume more and more than it previously did when it first occurred.
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    Hello and

    This is only meant to be an introduction of your person to the community. For technical questions, we have various forums where qualified readers can be found. I moved your identical post in our cosmology forum, and please don't post multiple times, give us a chance to answer.
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