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Breaking news: Aliens land on Earth. But...

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    ...they land on April 1st.

    Merry confusion ensues.
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    Imagine that aliens landed on Earth on April Fool's Day. There were would be a lot of confusion on the 24/7.

    I also think it would make a fun short story that I, personally, will never write.
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    Would make for an interesting story! You should write it!
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    Too tired. Somebody better than me should do it anyway.

    It would be fun to see which side Alex Jones came down on.
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    The difference being that the aliens actually landed, and are a bit befuddled by the reactions their landing has caused. (The President gets impeached because he believes they landed, etc.) It would snowball from there. In the end the aliens leave Earth and post a warning to avoid the place, it's full of lunatics.
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    Considering that there are maybe only about a billion of us who have that tradition in our culture, I assume the reaction of the other six billion may clue us in. All advanced countries would likely go to their equivalent of DEFCON 1. That'd likely include readying nuclear weapons, getting heads of states in the air or underground...
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    I'm counting on the Internet here, we'd soon find the dumbest common denominator and that would be THE TRUTH for most people, even those without the April Fool's tradition.
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    I think it could make for an amusing story concerning a small group of people, but nothing close to billions, millions, or even hundreds of thousands.
    Or you could make it entirely satirical and just go with it. If it's funny enough, few would care that it's very improbable.
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    I was going very satirical, having a virtual war in the media as to whether they actually landed. Alex Jones-type characters, Rush Limbaughish types, etc.

    "Obviously, the footage of the Russian President meeting the aliens is fake! I mean, just look! He has his shirt on!"
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    Stop there, no one would ever believe Putin is meeting the aliens while using a shirt, that's the kind of thing that would only happen in one of a billion parallel universes, two really unlikely events for the same april's 1st wouldn't make for a believable narrative. (Yes, i know you aren't going for a believable narrative, you aren't even thinking of writing this, so just joking...[tought it would be cool to read this kind of story])
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    I'm going for satirical, as mentioned above.
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