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Bullet Proof Shields For Military Infantry

  1. Feb 10, 2012 #1
    i saw some news footage awhile ago
    and the troops were running across an airport runway
    being sniped at.
    where are they at with developing and issuing shields now?
    anybody have first hand experience.
    is the thinking keep the heavy pack on so
    you don't get shot in the back?
    if so i say ditch the pack and go ask for a back shield.
    i have seen some shields in sci fi movies and series.
    ( my girlfriend watches them )

    Have A Nice Day!
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    No idea what purpose a shield would really have besides make us use an extra hand which believe it or not will not be possible. As for the pack, it depends which pack you mean. The large MOLLE ruck we usually ditch if assaulting an objective but carry if moving out of a kill box simply because it has all our stuff (mortar shells, food, sleeping bag, etc) and leaving it in a kill box seems like a bad idea. Heck it can even be used to form low cover and base for firing.

    The assault pack on the other hand is kept because it, well the name gives it away. So no it isn't used to stop from getting shot in the back. The IOTV is capable of stopping a 7.76mm round. (The IOTV is the body armor currently issued.)
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    A good friend of mine is a forward air controller. Been shot 5 times. $6500 of body armor has kept him safe. It has ceramic plates in the critical spots. They shatter and are replaced.
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    Engineers somewhere else said they're 2 packs; to paraphrase 'full pack' and 'attack pack'. The one time i saw on tv just looked bad, running across open space with full pack. Sounds like things are getting done right and that's good. Idea of shield is light and for temporary protection. Maybe just urban scenario and zero pack once again all sounds good. Go get 'em.

    Have A Nice Day!
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  6. Feb 12, 2012 #5
    the pack contains equipment, and tools necessary to complete a particular mission.
    as far as shields go, technology that can be implemented within ten years, maybe a monofilament mesh of some sort or active camouflage
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