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Can I Send a Signal Faster than Light by Pushing a Rigid Rod? - Comments

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    I appreciate your objections, but, fear we may be alienating curious visitors by 'rigidly' applying forum rules to pedagogical questions. Most such questions are not difficult to address within the context of accepted science. I view this as an educational opportunity, not an annoyance. I personally enjoy the challenge of untangling spaghetti arguments. It keeps me sharper than I might otherwise be.
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    Indeed, and this is why there's a thread in the first place.... Maybe even why there's physicsforums.com

    The thread bans and post deletions Dale refers to aren't hitting curious visitors interested in knowing how relativity works. They're hitting the people who insist, noisily, that relativity is wrong and also hitting one outright troll.

    Further discussion probably belongs in the forum feedback section?
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