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I Can the information of the whole universe change?

  1. Dec 8, 2016 #1
    They say that the universe started with low entropy, which is a certain amount of information. But I wonder how the information associated with the whole universe can change. By definition nothing can ever leaves or enters the universe as a whole. And if nothing ever enters or leaves a system, then where does the source of increase in information or entropy come from?
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    I think the answer is that the universe is governed by quantum mechanics, and quantum mechanics is not deterministic, but inherently probabilistic. Every quantum interaction has a set of possibilities, but eventually only one is realized. Every time this happens, information is added to the universe as a whole.
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    Aren't there quantum processes that have an infinite number of possible outcomes, like exactly where a particle strikes a screen in a two slit experiment? What's the entropy of those kinds of processes where the likelihood of one outcome is infinitesimal? Then multiply that by every interaction in the universe.
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    I don't think entropy and information are things, they're more like metadata about events that can occur (entropy) or have occurred (information).

    See Wikipedia's article Entropy (arrow of time):
    If the universe is not an isolated system as proposed in Loop quantum cosmology, then things may be leaving it through black holes.
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