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CBS: Wit and wisdom like you won't believe (headline pun?)

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    For those who don't know, Qaddafi is the Libyan leader who brought much international outcrying against himself for allowing the Pan-Am bomber the Scottish released to be welcomed back with a big party. With that said, let's check out the headline

    Seriously guys? Have we truly fallen so far?
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    I think its cute. We take our selves too seriously sometimes.
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    http://awearnessblog.com/20090825_qadaffi_250x250.jpg [Broken]

    Every time I see this guy I think 80s rock star that's snorted wayyyy too much cocaine.
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    lol @ terrorism council.
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    I haven't thought of it that way before Cyrus, but now that you mention it I'm sure I'll notice it every time.

    Statutory, what bothers me about the headline is that it's one step away from something like:

    Courtroom explodes at suicide bomber's testimony

    Or some other similar pun whose only humor value lies in the fact that it's pointing out that a person did a terrible, terrible thing. While I don't instantly condemn those kinds of jokes, and probably make them myself once in a while, I think the media should hold itself to a higher standard of humor than making jokes about how someone was killed
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