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Celebration of eid ul fitr in east

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    hi guys, i have a question on the celebration of islamic holy months. if Saudi arabia declares the biginning of Ramadan to be on 10th JUly, 2013, that means the eastern countries like bangladesh , india pakistan should begin their ramadan one day earlier than saudi.. but why do the begin ramadan one day later saudi?
    i never get this...riyadh is 3 hours later than dhaka, then how could it see moon earlier than us ?
    is not it ridiculous ?
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    Religions tend to do LOTS of ridiculous things. Why would one more bother you?
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    Have a look here:

    http://www.moonsighting.com/ramadan.html [Broken]

    There is all the information about all regions around earth, including times, dates, and more.

    The title of your post, "celebration of eid ul fitr in east" refers to the end of Ramadan, not the start of it. See:

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