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Changing my wood chipper's engine

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    Hello everyone

    I have a wood chipper as shown in photos attached to this message called 'Morbark1.jpg' and 'Morbark5.jpg'.

    The engine on it as standard (Kohler Command CH25s 25hp) is too much hassle, time and money to fix and repair. My question is I wish to attach another engine onto the chipper as shown below....


    with a differential....


    to branch off the main drive shaft perpendicular into the cutting drum located just before the input foliage shoot. Is this theoretically possible to attach a 1.2 8v petrol engine into a differential ? ie are there pto adaptors and the like that can link the engine to the differential. and likewise the differential into the cutting drum? thanks :)

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    Ranger Mike

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    i love your upbeat attitude on replacing the engine. I do not recommend it from an economic side , convenience side or safety side.
    The chipper has been sized to run at a constant RPM with the Koehler engine. All related hardware is designed to work safely at the specified RPM. To change any one design feature will weaken the support structure, wear out bearings and related hardware and may cause the chipper blades to fail ( fly apart) ..not good for the human operator. The adaptation of the differential and large engine make a very large foot print versus the compact design. The adaptation of the non standard components will not be cheap. i recommend rebuild the original engine.
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    Good advice from Ranger Mike. Thread is closed.
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