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Charge inside and outside conducting shell

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    A thin metallic spherical shell contains a charge Q over it. point charge +q is placed in side the shell at point T separated from the centre by a distance a. Another point charge q1 is placed outside the shell at a distance b from the centre find the electric field at the centre due to the charge over outer surface of the shell and the net field at the centre.

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    Welcome to Physics Forums! This forum, "New Member Introductions," is just for new members to say "hello" and some chit-chat. To get help on your question, please re-post it in one of our "Homework and Coursework Questions" forums. I think this question might be suited for the "Advanced Physics Homework" sub-forum. Please show what you have tried in solving this problem, and/or your thoughts about what concepts may be relevant.

    There is a post named something like "Guidelines for posters and helpers" at the top of each homework forum, with more details.
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