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News Civil rights lose big fight to vacation time

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    Why exactly was it so necessary to decide the future of executive power and civil rights legislation over a hasty friday evening?


    Is it just that we're approaching election season, and the Dems don't want to appear to be weak on "terror"? In my opinion, the only sense in which this White House is strong on terror is in their ability to terrorize the people and their representatives into giving up a little liberty to gain a little security. That one should give up the checks provided by the Judiciary to Gonzales-like-scum that prowl the executive, is scary, if not laughable, given the context.

    And this is all after Congress gifted this White House the slack it demanded out of FISA, in section 218 of the USA Patriot Act (of course, the White House never had any intention of using this leeway, as it instead decided to entirely bypass FISA)?
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    Morale must be sinking in Congress.

    In 2002, Senators caved because they wanted to stay in Congress and were afraid a vote against the Iraq invasion would result in them leaving.

    In 2007, Senators caved because they wanted to leave Congress and were afraid a vote against surveillance without FISA oversight would force them to stay.

    At least the House in session today. I wonder what they're talking about today.
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