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Could the Big Bang Have Been A Cyclical Event?

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    Could the Big Bang Have Been A Cyclical Event?

    I am a layperson...this is a long-pondered question.

    Is it possible that Black Holes serve a greater purpose...to facilitate a massive contraction...which will then lead to another big bang?

    It's logical that the Big Bang was precipitated by a contraction. It would explain the consistency of matter. All matter could have been mixed together in a single contractive gathering of massive black holes...reached a critical point and exploded outward. The explosion could have also created new and smaller black holes...that would continue to grow as they travel outward (also - are all black holes shaped the same?). If the black holes could become massive enough they could re-gather and the cycle could be repeated infinitely.

    The question is this...as the Big Bang started with a finite quantity of mass...and continues to expand infinitely...would there ever be enough mass concentrated in expanding and outwardly travelling black holes that would allow a re-contraction? Or, is the space/time of expansion too great to provide for a gathering and re-contraction?

    How can this be calculated...at what distance will/did a re-contraction become impossible?
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    Interesting theory... but I'm not sure if that would even work. Black Holes have gravity so strong, that it destroys what ever goes in. So nothing actually 'builds up' in them.
    And there are also theories of the existence of White Holes, wich essencially are the opposite of Black Holes. Instead of sucking things in, they push them away.
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    When the black hole destroys whatever it pulls in and turns the matter into energy...isn't the gravity strong enough to hold that energy in the form of a magnetic field?

    http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2001/ast23oct_1.htm [Broken]
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