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Cultural fetish on really smart people?

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    Is it true that our culture prizes child prodigies and geniuses? General examples that pertain to the myth; 'Bobby Fisher, Mensa, ... A beautiful mind, Emerson, ect, mothers making babies listen to Mozart non-stop'.
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    I think we value intelligence. Which is logical, because intelligence eases prosperity, and a desire for prosperity is a given. Though, I don't know if I'd call it a fetish.

    My parents had me listen to Mozart when I was little, presumably in hopes of making me smart. I'd be taking Real Analysis this year, my senior year of high school, if I could pay for it. Maybe it worked... :cool:
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    Many people are drawn to things that are above the norm. It can be any kind of endeavor whether its academic, artistic, dramatic, sporting, or otherwise.

    Sometimes it feels like comparing "gods among mere mortals". I don't know if its a common element of our psychological makeup, but its definitely something that is prevalent.
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    Absolutely not. What our culture values is a winner. You can be dumb as doorknob or sharp as a tac, but you have win at something to get any respect even if its just being born with silver spoon in your mouth.
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    What is Brad Pitt winning at? I'm talking about the same thing that goes on with really smart people who apply their smarts. Not just winning. That's trivial. The really smart people always win big if I must put it that way.
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    Brad Pitt is winning at being popular.
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    Here's Charlie Sheen on WINNING!

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