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Curiosity killed the cat - But satisfaction brought him back

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    Looking forwards to filling some gaps in my knowledge-base and having my own pet theories shredded to pieces by those who actually know what they're talking about. As to what I can contribute to this forum, how about a tongue-twister?

    "The business in bismuth was brisk on the isthmus."
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    Welcome to Physics Forums AtomicNixon. Be careful with the pet theories. There are many here who will help you to understand where you are lacking but, personal theories and questions of the form "Here's my theory, prove me wrong" are not acceptable on the forum. Please check out the Terms and Rules on the INFO tab.
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    Oh no worries. Having been subjected to much "Not Even Wrong" in my life, I won't add to the mess. Mine are simple and more along the lines of "Continuum Hypothesis, how important?"
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