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Dark matter revealed in video feedback

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    "black hole the video". see what you think. go to a google video window. video feedback loop shows a black hole in real time. is the center rotation dark matter?
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    Here is the link:
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7347410245944158548 [Broken]

    But I don't get it. What's the conversion from electrons to 'dark matter'? (quoting it, isn't it still merely a hypothetical existence?)
    Sure, under such high speeds, I'd imagine anything would be ripped apart and 'dance' in the blinding speeds of gravitation, especially if that path towards the singularity is a nearly infinite spiral downward into the center. But if dark matter is supposed to account for over, what 70-90% of the constitution of our universe, then it would need somehow an escape velocity from the black hole, which is theoretically impossible. From my limited knowledge, the only thing to be exerted from a black hole is Hawking Radiation, and that's when the black hole is regressing.

    Personally, I don't get it. Acceleration (here is some weak speculation) that is pushed radially outward through the centripetal force could add up after going through some blinding speeds from spiraling, but that versus the pull of a black hole? Plus, there would need to be a conversion process, and we'd need to know what exactly is there to be converted to. As far as I know, dark matter is a label that is synonymous with 'unknown'.
    But nonetheless, that's a very trippy video, and a cool watch =P
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