Desk addition for raising and lowering monitor/keyboard/mouse setup

  1. I'm looking to build my own desk addition that will allow me to raise and lower my work setup (keyboard, mouse and monitor) any time I like and with a fair amount of ease. I was inspired by the "Ergotron Workfit" but find the price tag beyond my range for now.

    Attached is a laughably incomplete design...but it's in the right direction:
    1) you can set it on top of and clamp it to your current desk
    2) It's simple

    Obviously the thing I've got here would fall apart...but does anyone have any ideas on how to get a platform to raise and lower around 30-35lbs?
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    The link doesn't appear to work. Can you fix it or re-post a link?
  4. How about a spring for the lifting capacity? Then have the desk on a rail system.
  5. Is that the best way to go? What about hydraulics?
  6. The counterweight concept is fine, just add a method to lock the desk position. That can be as simple as drilling holes in the frame for pins/dowels (similar to the way adjustable shelving is supported), but there are myriad options available.
    Also, you might want to make the weight adjustable to account for future changes in the load.
  7. I'll try the counterweight out and see what I get built. I'll post pics when I get something together.
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