Determining the required properties of a submersion cooler system

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I require assistance in selecting a suitable radiator for a submersion cooing system
Summary: I require assistance in selecting a suitable radiator for a submersion cooing system


I am designing a series of chassis's and cooling rigs that will house ant miner s-9 units along side their apw3 power supplies flooded with mineral oil within the housing.
Each unit will consist of a steel pipe 28'' in length with an I.D of 6 in \ approx 6.35 in reality \yielding roughly 792/in^3 for aprox 3.5gal of mineral oil
witch has a specific heat of 1.67kj/kgK not much different than air but i need to use a liquid that is thermally conductive but not electrically conductive as the units will be submerged.

Between the mining unit and the powersupply each rig need to dissipate roughly 3.5kw
I am having a very interesting time trying to find a formula to size my radiator selection .
The radiator should be an all aluminum affair with fan on one side providing forced ventilation,Aswell as a small pump to keep the oil continuously circulating.

Any assistance would be appreciated


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You need to find the following:
Temperature of oil on the hot side where it comes out of what you are cooling.
One of the following (note that you calculate one from the other):
Temperature of oil leaving the cooler
Flow rate of oil
What is the maximum temperature of the air into the radiator?
The leaving temperature of the air is calculated from the air flow rate, or vice versa.
With all of the above information, you are ready to start studying radiator catalogs.

Here is one source of radiators: Coils/WSD_Coils.pdf. They are not exactly what you are looking for, but will give you some idea of what information is available. You would need to interpolate for your temperatures, and adjust for oil instead of water. I have one of their 18X20 coils heating my shop, and their specifications seem to be accurate.

Have fun, because the design process is iterative.

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