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Diffusion of flavour in a fishing bait

  1. Nov 27, 2008 #1
    Hi this is my first post and so I hope it will be good one for you physicists to solve for me!

    In angling anglers use small round balls called boilies.Say for instance you make 2 round boilies of 14mm in diameter.When these are prepared they are boilied in water to make a tough skin.They will both contain the same levels of various soluble attractors.

    If one is left to dry for 48hrs and the other left to dry for 24hrs then frozen which one once immersed back in the water will diffuse their attractors quickest if all things are equal eg temperature, pressure etc etc.The frozen bait will be defrosted before use and will be at the same temperature as the air dried boilie upon immersion in the water.

    Hope you can help on this one.
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    Welcome to PF, Saggybelly.
    I'm not at all sure about this, but my first thought is that the 24-hour one would retain more volatiles than the 48-hour one, and would thus disperse at least those chemicals faster that the less volatile components composing the latter.
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    I have thought about that but what about the difference in concentrations affecting the influx of water into the boilie??? The 48hr one will have less water in it so I thought maybe that the water outside will diffuse more rapidly and mix with the soluble attractors quicker???
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    I wonder if that point is valid. If one is slightly more moist than the other, it really just has a head-start on rehydrating.
    It might be best if someone from Chemistry gets involved. This is out of my league.
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