Disgruntled Mineralogist, Mineral Physicist, and General Lost Soul

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In summary, a disgruntled mineralogist, mineral physicist, and general lost soul are all professionals in the field of minerals who are dissatisfied with their current situations. The mineralogist is unhappy with the lack of recognition for their work, the mineral physicist is frustrated with the limitations of their research, and the general lost soul feels disconnected and unfulfilled in their career. These individuals highlight the challenges and struggles that can arise in the highly specialized and demanding field of studying minerals.
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Hi. I have a PhD in geoscience from the University of Notre Dame. My PhD work was on crystal chemistry of uranium, while my master's work at Washington University in St. Louis was on heat conduction and vibrational spectroscopy of garnets. I'm here because I'm inquisitive about physics, philosophy, mathematics, and just generally why there's something rather than nothing. I run a podcast with an old friend from Notre Dame about issues at the interfaces between science and religion.

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