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Do gravitons spiral around a monopole?

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    I'm a sci-fi writer and would like some help, if you would please.

    My story is simple: monopoles arising in spin-ice can be charged with enough magnetricity to deflect spin 2 gravitons, freeing manking from the tyranny of a lone world, and propelling us into a vast new tyranny.

    I heard that charged particles will orbit a monopole, but what does it do to gravity? I burn to know.

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    A magnetic monopole would have no effect on gravitons.

    But hey, you're writing fiction, so does it really matter?
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    But why? A know-it-all scientists should at least have a last say before before he is proven wrong and then is collapsed by a monopole, for instance, into a burst of light and gravitons.
    Why yes, it does. For instance, after I die, I intend to donate my brain to science fiction. And I would like to know that my brain will be put to use, say in a giant robot or something.

    But you see, that giant robot has to make sense, at least on some level. I mean, you just can't ask for pulling your boots on after every encounter with topless blue alien women, science has to be involved, at least on some level.
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    Gravitons are no more inclined to orbit magnetic monopoles than they are inclined to orbit electrons.

    Electrically charged particles don't orbit magnetic monopoles. Magnetic monopoles would establish orbits about magnetic monopoles of opposite sign instead. (so there's your hook)

    And, no, your brain will not end up in a giant robot, controlling it's left knee cap.
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    Phrak, what you are saying is that gravity and electromagnetism are forever seperate (because I can run with that), but why? Is there not some great hint named after somebody that I can use and look up for justification?
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    Vanadium 50

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    As a writer, you're allowed to postulate antyhing you want. Even if the world doesn't behave that way. What you're not allowed to do is to demand justification for that.

    If Tom Clancy wrote a book in which the USS Nimitz is really a submarine, he could. What he couldn't do is demand that the US Navy justify this.
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    It's more likely that monipole (and every other particle) orbit gravitons, since they are little bits of gravity.
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    Apparently, researchers haven't measured monopole charge directly, but have instead measured the deflection of particles by Dirac strings. A Dirac string in a quantum object--a line--that connects two monopoles.

    So maybe you could weave some science fiction around that; using Dirac strings to deflect gravitons, say. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but as less familiar science it may have better suspension of disbelief.
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    Thanks, Phrak. I think now I am going to use Dirac strings to channel gravitons through a narrow region, using a starship.

    Will gravitons travel down a Dirac string? They will with a little love. Like warm molecules into cold water, a ship at high velocity can shunt the gravitons ahead of it behind, thus reducing the effect of relativity.

    Yes, the Dirac drive is born.

    P.S. Am I on course with this? I heard there are many ways to travel faster than light (and I love them all), but how are you on this?
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    Better than dilithium crystals, I think. As for the Dirac strings, the more you leave to the imagination, the better. Good luck to ya.
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    Phrak, let's do a thought experiment:

    I have some spin ice, and I charge it with enough magnetricity to produce a strong north pole. Then I bring a second sample of untreated spin ice near it. Will that induce a south pole in the second sample?

    Furthermore, did I just cause quantum entanglement between the monopoles, and thus connect them with Dirac strings?

    And do I now have an anti-gravity engine? Because if I do, I can stop work on my death robot RIGHT NOW and clear out a lot of space in my garage....
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