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Do people change much after say grade 5?

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    At what age are people's personality and characteristics pretty much 'set' in place? Obviously people gradually change over time but personally I feel that fundalmentally, I haven't changed much after around grade 5 or even 4. And I am now a young adult.
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    grade 5? bit young to stay set. i think i'm stuck in the early 20's
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    I would say people never change. The few people that I have known for over 15 years (I'm 21) have not changed at all during that time. My outgoing talkative brother is as outgoing as he ever was. Creepy friend is just as much of an angry loner now as he was in the past. Crazy religious friend is no longer a friend, but he's still as crazy was he was before. I recently got together with a girl I knew in jr high about 9 years ago and she's basically the same person, and so are her friends (the same friends as before).

    Is it genetic? I'm not a scientist, but I would think yes. If things like bipolar disorder can be passed on through genes, why not extroversion or a tendency of being a loner? People don't change.
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    Is bipolar disorder having only one arm or leg?
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    So you think you were 'very' different from when you were much younger?
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    no just more grown up, what ever that is. maybe it just means i notice the calendar.
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    I see a lot of people reinvent themselves when they go to uni -- ie. leave their home towns behind for big cities.
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    But they are still fundalmentally the way they use to be, when not acting.
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    Not always -- in the UK we have sites like friendsreunited that you can look at the see what former classmates are up to. Some of the quietist people in my classes are the ones who are travelling around or living in other countries. This is usually proceeded by the line, "At/after uni I...".

    People change and grow up -- particularly if they move far away from home -- in this respect, they're definitely not "acting".
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    not long ago i found an old report from age 6. i was taken to some kind of therapy(i wasnt much coordinative, and had low concentration), so they wrote a report about my condition, physically and mentally.
    anyway, that report described things which are very correct about me now(age 20), for a sec i started to think psychologists actually know something...
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    I don't think their core personality changes much, but the ways they express that personality can change a lot based on their personal experiences. Out of seven kids in my family, I think all of us are pretty much the same as we were when they were kids, except a couple of my younger sisters seem so much more 'them' as adults than they did being so far down the line of kids.
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    5th grade??? you mean 10yrs old?

    Now you want to tell me that there is no difference between a 10yr old and a 20yr old? Under the same set of circumstances a 10yr old will make the same choice as a 20yr old?

    Do I live in a different universe?

    Was it a bunch of aliens at my 10th and 20th HS reunions? They sure seemed different from when we graduated? At graduation it was PARTY TIME, At the 10th reunion it was play with the kids... thats not different? Maybe I am not clear on what is considered a change.
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    If you didn't change after Grade 5, no offense, but you had one hell of a boring life with no experiences whatsoever.
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    i havent really grasped any math since adding integers, so id say more like grade 3.
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    Yabba Dabba DOOOOOOOOOO!
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