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Do you also get mad when people disrupt your work?

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    Very often when people or something stops me from doing work, my mind just automatically gets angry, and I'm not able to think as before anymore. For example, during school year, there was a time when I was doing some math problems from various contests and right in the middle of solving it, bell rang, I cantinued to solve problems despite everyone getting out, and I was forced out the class by a teacher. Without even prompting my mind for action, it automatically came up with anger, and stupid thoughts that classes are too short and should be much longer. Another example is usually at night, when parents just in the middle of reading a book, order me to sleep, then I can't just do anything, and my mind itself comes up with various curses and again anger that I can't finish reading. Or even at work, when I'm in the middle of finishing isolating a pipe, guy comes up and tells me , it's 3 o'clock and I need to leave, and yet I have still entire floor to do, and need one more hour to finish all.
    Do you guys also get mad when people stop you from doing various things?
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    Mattara's reaction when someone sends usless IMs in the middle of creating a wordpress theme/skin for forum/simpel calc. program in Python etc.

    "Oh, just **** the **** off, you **** !" alt. "If you value your current position, you do not want to push this further".

    That last one usually works. Note that nothing in this post actually was filtered.
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    That's why I'm an artifically nocturnal student. I go into an empty classroom or reading room at night, the whole department to myself, with the pleasant certainty that nothing, say nothing will bother me for many many hours... until about 0400 when the janitors come by cleaning the floors... which of course means it's time for breakfast, and then no further interruption until shortly before the first classes start. Weekends are even better - no janitors! Summer is somewhat less convenient as far as studying goes, I'm quite miffed about the whole affair. I see no sense in such a ridiculously long vacation, when there's nothing to be done but studying anyway.
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    I used to really value the hours between 10 pm and 4 am -- my favorite hours of the day -- specifically because of the lack of interruptions. During those hours, I could work on a program, read a book, work on a painting, or do most of my other hobbies with peace and quiet. I also felt more creative and productive during those hours, but that was probably mostly due to the lack of interruption.

    I lived alone for a while, and enjoying having peace and quiet whenever I wanted it. Now I live with my girlfriend, and have forgotten what peace and quiet even mean. :biggrin:

    - Warren
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